Origin of TCFE

Collaboration project for education is a project involves Thais from all societies. The purpose of a project is to develop quality education and assist students in needs in order to reduce inequality and scale up sustainability in Thai society.


Management and Administration of Thailand Collaborative Foundation for Education is Collaboration for Change of Thailand Project by KhonThai foundation. Their mission focus in combining difference resources from various sources i.e. human resources, financial resources from donors. Then pass it on to receiver to bring changes in their life in accordance with the project’s goal.

Sign, Logo

The logo of the project is two hooked hexagonal shapes, a proven durable weight resistance component under high pressure. It is the most durable shape in comparison with others. Moreover, it does exist in the nature for instance hive. Pros of this structure – ability to contain large amount of honey which corresponds to project main purposes by aiming at coordination from various people to aid big societies. The more collaboration we do the more severe problems will be relieved. 

Operations Team

 TCFE acts as a main focal point who is responsible for

  • coordination and collaboration all parties in order to achieve the goals of the project.
  • Set up goals, coordinate, follow up, facilitate partnership to work together smoothly and effectively.
  • Provision of resources and maintaining public relationship such as fundraising and human resources, Utilizing resources to the best interest of the project.

How we work

“Collaboration for Education”

Selection and consolidation of effective tools for education development for children and targeting schools. Especially, to provide support constantly at least six years throughout each semester. Based on anticipation that the project can give all equipment or give as much as possible as needed and capability and readiness of each school. Accordingly, we are quite confident that our methodology will immediately bring money from donors to help children in our target group. Additionally, there will be more tools that benefits to children in the project according to the stability and capacity of the schools and community participation.

Long term vision

Extended participation

Community partnership will be participated in the project as a developer and a supporter to schools and children in the field across the country. While we are expecting this method will bring extension implementation level and policy level for capacity development in Thai Children from education opportunity. Accessing scholarships and quality education equally.