Thailand Collaboration for Education : TCFE

Thailand collaboration for education is a collaborative project which brings Thai people in the society who have the same purpose to cultivate and improve quality education to help underprivileged children to reduce inequality and build up sustainability in the society.

 There are several organizations focusing on education challenges each of them has their own implemented solutions to tackle the specific issues. An organization may help a school in a specific area, but remaining issues and lack of resources are still maintained which means overall issues are not yet to be solved.

TCFE’s task is to combine multiple organizations for development of education that provide different supports/solutions to outreach schools as one working group and facilitate them to work together by using collaborative approach to help targeted schools and providing overall solutions to those schools in three main aspects/components as described. TCFE also aims at working together with partners in collaboration with development of education and youth development expertise already proven remarkable successes and rapidly benefits to children.

Intervention Tools

for Education Development

3aspects (components) to minimize
inequalityand tackle educational
issues in Thailand


3aspects (components) to minimize
inequalityand tackle educational
issues in Thailand


6Tools for rapid
child support

Scholarships E-Learning classroom Mathematic/Science e-Learning English classroom Out Standing LeadersStudent counsellorMoral school

Our Progress

We have supported targeted group since 2015 until now.

Over 0 students from 0 schools

Participating Schools in our project

The number of schools, provinces and number of students will be increased in the next years togetherwith completed suppoting tools/equipment will be provided even more to the schools. Hence project policy is to support students until they have graduated from high school, vocational schools as equivalent.

Provide scholarships for the duration of 6 years continuelly for math, science, Engish subject for 3-6 years. Continuely Bring in teachers from teaching for changes to inadequent schools. Student counsellor and nanny project. And Moral schools will cover throughout project life-cycle including monitoring and evaluation for extended results.

Child development and Academic support networks

Yuvabadhana Foundation 

Yuvabadhana foundation has provided educational scholarships to outreach students across Thailand for over 25 years. Targeting students are grade xxx – grade xx – vocational xx. Currently 5,400 students have received scholarships and graduated from schools. Furthermore, 7,000 students are still studying this year (2020) and 1,500 students are expecting to receive the scholarships.

Developing e-Learning classroom

Developing e-Learning classroom for Sciences and Mathematic teachers in order to improve quality of education and reduce inequality by utilizing technology as a tool. Learning education Co. Ltd. has helped students from over 150 schools in the past 6 years increased their school grade.

Teach for Thailand project

Teaching for changes is a membership of teach for all partnership from USA for development and capacity building of teaching for changes. The goal is seeking qualified people from all areas and training them to be teacher assistant in the education system for two years. This is to push forward Thai children to obtain potential education. Presently, 149 people have been trained and deployed to all parties and stakeholders in the past 5 years provided long term assistance to the societies.

Edu-tech innovation co.,ltd. digital classroom winner English

Developing English teaching through winner English technology. So children will improve English learning skill i.e. speaking listening, reading and writing and learning daily routine English etc.


Advisory support on occupation, education includes children inspiration on their purposes in the future.