Good governance


“Good governance of TCFE”

The project is a public collaborative mechanism at country level to strengthen sustainability and reduce inequality in Thai society by developing quality education for children in need. Hence, transparency and financial accountability are key principles in implementing our activities.

Your donation to the project will be given to targeting school and students as scholarship which will help us to provide tools in various quality education development areas as per our action plan. All funding/accounting of the project will be administrative by Yuvabadhana Foundation


Due to ministry of finance announced that Yuvabad Foundation is non-profit health organization number 300. As a result, your donation is tax-deductible or can be accounted as expenditure depending on a case by case basis. Over the past 25 years, financial operation of Yuvabad Foundation is responsible and accountable for all donors.

Nowadays, Financial sector intrusts Yuvabad foundation to administer donation. Such as “กองทุนรวมคนไทยใจดี” และ “กองทุนสื่อเพื่อความยุติธรรมในสังคม” which are the country collaborative mechanism organizations ensuring that all money that donate to the people in needs are well-managed, transparent, accountable.

The project is well aware the value of money and intention of the donors. Therefore, all your donation will be used for financing in developing quality education for outreach students and to help us sending tools to support students and schools in the target group and increasing education opportunity in various areas. While funding of administration and operations for the project itself are financing by Yuvabadhana foundation.

Reduction of inequality and building sustainability in Thailand’s society are key development goals for donor and TCFE